Scrum and Levitation

Scrum Teams that Levitate are 4x as productive as their “landfall” counterparts.

Imagine the productivity gains of zipping to meetings without having to walk , the relaxation of floating a few feet about the ground on a pillow of air, compared to sitting in one of those cheap office chairs from Staples.

Levitation is hard and it requires a total commitment from the highest levels of your organization. It is disruptive and may take years to achieve.  But Levitation works; I have seen it myself.

So I am proud to say that I am now offering two classes related to Levitation.

CLM — Certified Levitation Master.  The CLM Certificate is a 2 day class that teaches the basics of levitation. Although it is nice if one is able to levitate after this course, it is unlikely that will occur. However, you will still get your Certificate, as long as your payment of $1500 clears the bank without any issues.

CLT — Certified Levitation Trainer. The CLT allows the individual to grant CLM Certificate titles to others. The CLT requires a payment of $3500, as well as proof of activism promoting the CLM/CLT Certificates and the benefits of Levitation in general for at least a 1 year period on popular blogging websites.  It is OK if the Candidate has not been able to Levitate, so long as they have demonstrated their ability to steer Candidates (and therefore payments) to the Levitation Alliance and/or Levitation.Org.

Stop being landfall! Levitate today! All major Credit Cards accepted. Call now!


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  1. Lol lol

    Your blog rocks!,,,,

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