Scrum Censorship, Brainwashing and Propaganda

One thing that has always bothered me greatly about the Scrum and XP community is that although they posit that they believe in introspection, adaptation and “agile manifesto” values (eg, People over Process), many members of this community limit this to everything OUTSIDE of the methodology itself.

In other words you can question your customer, question your developers, but you CANNOT question Scrum or Agile itself.

This seems blatantly hypocritical.

More distressing are posts like this one, and there have been many others in the past, about various posters, including many “luminaries” being banned from the scrum mailing list. Although many of these people were reinstated, the message is clear….question us, question scrum, and you will be banned.

For many people who are CSM’s etc, that is threatening them with their lifeblood.

So here we have a situation where if you deviate from any practice sent from “on high”, you have a “Scrumbut”. “You’re not really doing XP”.

You can’t adapt the process to your organization, the message is often sounded, you have to adopt your organization to the process.

And if you question anything, you have a good chance of being “excommunicated”.

It seems to me the reason for this is merely to promote the adoption of this feeble process, and to sell as much “product” as possible while not mucking with the overly simplistic and prescriptive methodology lest it interfere with the gravy train.

And why do software engineers, who are supposedly rational put up with this nonsense?

It’s time for people to wake up and realize this is all about Post-It’s and Daily Meetings posing as the next great thing.

Question the value of Scrum or it’s practices? You can wind up being banned and your viewpoint silenced.

When will people wake up?

As far as Brainwashing and Propaganda goes check out this link .

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