That Hope-y, Change-y, Scrum-y thing

“Embrace Change”. You’ve heard that before?

What is the change and why are we embracing it?

Is it just change for the sake of change?

If we go from eating Cheeseburgers to Pizza will we really be healthier? Probably not?

If you go from Java to C# should you have a 75% chance of failure, like Scrum, require the highest levels of commitment and change at all levels of your organization, like Scrum requires, just for the sake of a little change?

What if the change brings no benefit? Who claims that it will and has evidence that it will work in your organization?

These Scrum zealots think that in order for your little web project at some Fortune 500 company to work, that you have to get buy in and change the management structure of the entire enterprise.

How does that make sense?

Would they do that to adapt Java? Ruby? TFS? SVN? GIT?

It is insanity.

All this is, is  the audacity to assume all people are idiots, and that any change is a positive.

If you work for a company where any change would be a positive, I have one word of advice to you: “Quit”.

If you are a company that is thinking about change, I have one word for you. “Think”.

Scrum isn’t any better of a change than anything else we’ve seen widely hyped but wildly underdelivering lately. They just have a large ministry of propaganda and too many have fallen for it.

The most important thing to consider when embarking on change is “Why are you doing it and what will the benefit be?” If you are going to make a huge effort to change, you should figure out what you are changing and why.

Scrum is not the answer. If you change to Scrum you will be certainly changing to something else as soon as you realize it has only shifted, not solved, any longstanding issues. Of course the Zealots want you to wait 2+ years to make that decision, based on Shu-Ha-Ri… Sure 😉

Find the problem and fix it. Don’t buy fad diets.

Software Maestro


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Long time OOP Software Architect
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