About Software Maestro

Hello. You have come to the no hype zone, Software Maestro’s Blog on the net.

I have been crafting software for more than two decades. I primarily do C# Consulting at this point.

I have worked on many high volume, high throughput, enterprise applications, as well as consumer and desktop applications.

I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts for a long time;

Since XP/Agile/SCRUM hype is at a very large roar at this point, and as the  Agilistas can spend a lot of vitriol and invective with personal attacks against the Messenger, instead of attacking the Messenger’s Arguments, it is with some regret, but much relief, that I have decided for the time being to remain anonymous.

All Statements expressed on this blog shall be construed to represent the OPINIONS of the Author(s).

I look forward to reading the thoughts and experiences of the viewers of my blog.


3 Responses to About Software Maestro

  1. I think your blog is awesome, I personally am very passionate about XP, even moe about Kanban, amd find scrum to be a bit of a joke.

    Feel free to continue to make fun of and criticize any amd all of the above, I can’t argue with anything you have said so far…

  2. Bob Bryan says:

    Like you, I have been developing software for over 2 decades and now do most of my work in C# along with some C++.

    Others are finally beginning to wake up and realize how much of a scam the agile methods like scrum and xp really are. Take a look at this link:


    Last year, I decided to publish my own methodology, which I call Efficient Software Development Methodology. You can read about the problems with agile from this link:


    The ESDM home page is here:


  3. Personally, I believe that Scrum leads to the Four D’s: Drama, Distraction, Diversion, and Dissension. I’ve posted a small blog page with my own proposed methodology called The Virtuoso Methodology: http://bryanprendergast.com/virtuosomethodology.html

    This is basically just the methodology that I followed in the past with great success in developing software in mini, one-to-three month iterations within a small development team (1 to 3 developers with a single Business Analyst who also performed the duties of a Quality Assurance Analyst.)

    In contrast, after working over a year with Scrum, I see only a drag on my development/coding time, confusion over ineffective requirements gathering, long and wasteful meetings, and drama. Group projects are not good. Individual projects performed by virtuosos are and always were good. To me, the biggest problem has been large, lumbering frameworks with too much plumbing code that confuses developers. We should continue to move to lighter, smaller, more elegant point solutions woven together only as needed, as opposed to behemoth frameworks.

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