Introducing Levitation to your Agile Team

As I demonstrated before, teams that levitate are 4x as productive as teams that don’t.

Your competitors are levitating…how can you bring your team up to speed?

Here are some suggestions to get your team levitating as quickly as possible.

1) Have all your meetings standing up.

 Being forced to stand will allow your team members to start levitating almost naturally

2) Remove Chairs from the developers desks

 After a few weeks of #1, Removing *all* the chairs from the developers desks will give them a strong incentive to levitate.  Sure they might occasionally fall, there may be some back injuries, but this sends the message that levitation is a requirement at your workplace.

3) Remove all Stairs and Elevators

 After a few weeks of #2 it’s time to take the big step. Remove all the Stairs and Elevators in your office! Now you’ll see who can really fly! This sends the message that slackers who refuse to adapt to levitation will just not be able to succeed in your organization.

 These last few stragglers will certainly start levitating after a few days of #3!

 Feel free to tell your stories about how you’ve adopted levitation in your organizations and what impediments you found on the way.

Software Maestro


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