Scrum blog or Infomercial?

There seem to be two types of scrum blogs out there:

1) Belongs to a CSM, CST, or Consultancy, or someone who is working towards their CSM etc.

These are invariably glowing praises of scrum, filled with exhortations to follow the party line and “Scrum Harder”

2) Belongs to a relatively neutral actual Scrum user or manager.

These generally talk about how they adopted Scrum to fit the organization, not the other way around, and typically are less positive about Scrum as a whole.

Generally it seems like 95% of the postings fit in Category 1, and the minority are Category 2.

In other words, almost ALL of the positive reports of Scrum, are Infomercials, NOT actual news.

This is nothing more than a MLM campaign, to try to extract money from the marketplace, regardless of whether Scrum is good or bad. They are essentially shills.

Next time you read a scrum blog, check out what profit motive/bias the author brings to the table.

Nearly all of the endless hype about Scrum is merely from those looking to line their pockets from this “trendy” methodology.

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4 Responses to Scrum blog or Infomercial?

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  2. John Quincy says:

    I have never witnessed SCRUM working — ever! Any project that started out as ‘agile’ but ultimately succeeded did so only because common sense finally set in and the decision makers decided to abandon the fad.

    I’m convinced that the following video hit the nail squarely on the head as to why any company has ever attempted agile:


  3. apinamies says:

    Ironically FDD is one of the Agile methods.

  4. There is only one good way to develop software products. Steve Jobs call it the ONLY way, prototyping:

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